Monday, May 21, 2012

A Taste of Greece in Bologna

(Bologna) After spending all day Saturday working on setting up our apartment, we treated ourselves to a dinner out. A. brought me to a fantastic, low key, Greek restaurant, "To Steki", something the two of us were craving badly, as we were missing the flavors of simple Greek cuisine that we live on during our annual summer vacations on the island of Symi. But one stop at, To Steki, brought the perfect satisfaction and had us reminiscing all night about our wonderful summers in Greece. The place was hopping and extremely packed but service was fast and efficient. We devoured so many little dishes, warm chick peas and octopus salad in tomato sauce, Greek spinach pie, pita bread with Tzatziki sauce (plain greek yogurt, garlic and lemon juice) a Gyro and greek salad for A. and grilled veggies and meat Soulvaki for me (they were more than accommodating for little preggers me, making sure everything was cooked well done) I highly recommend this little place, informal, not too pricey and DELISH! They even serve our favorite after dinner, sweet Greek wine, Samos but that little treat will have to wait till after the bebe is born.
After dinner, we took a long walk around the center, making our way back to our home. The city was all lit up, vibrant and filled with people out and about. And I have to say, I'm getting use to being in a smaller city setting, there's something quite cozy about it.

To Steki Restaurant (located just off of Via Zamboni, near the university)
Largo Respighi, 4  40126 Bologna, Italy 
t. 051 268012

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Inviting street scene of the night time in Bologna.

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