Friday, May 4, 2012

new city, new life

(Bologna) It's been one week since we've moved to our new city and apartment and I have to say, so far so good. A. and I have been super busy night and day for the past 2 weeks with this move, packing then unpacking and now setting up our new life.  Exhausted, yes but having so much fun together on this adventure! A. has been extra super with piecing together so many of our Ikea purchases.  I watch in awe and try to assist when it's needed or when my pregnant belly permits. (note to American readers, in Europe, there are rarely if not any built in closets or kitchens with apartments, so people literally move with their removable pieces from apt. to apt. and since our home in Milan has everything built in, we couldn't move them, hence the many recent Ikea purchases)  Each day, there's less and less cardboard boxes to contend with and slowly the apartment is starting to look more "lived in" then just "moved in". Our beloved plants have also adjusted pretty quickly, as some are even enjoying taking in the sun on the little balcony just off the kitchen. We have only a few months to get our nest ready, as come summer, there will be a new bebe to focus on.  So, we're enjoying our time together, having fun with a new apartment, getting to know our new city, which by the way, is super charming, more of a true Italian experience if you ask me. And we were very lucky to have found a beautiful old 1920's newly renovated, 1800 sq. ft,  rent stabilized apartment in the city center on a residential street, near the city courthouse. (we've also discovered we're living in "attorney row" as we've have never seen so many legal offices, one building after the next, even our neighbors are lawyers) There are no huge supermarket chains in the city center,  aside from my nearby mini Coop, so I will rely on daily visits to the nearby farmers market and specialty shops. Just yesterday morning, I made my shopping rounds on Via Drapperie, first, the little fish market for some fresh sole, then on to the vegetable stand and then the paneteria for some fresh bread. This is, truly, my dream food shopping experience. And on the walk home, my eye caught a glance at a lovely storefront that only sells, chandeliers. Something that we've been itching to purchase. I feel like I have fallen down the a rabbit hole to a more vintage past and can already tell it's going to be a sweet life here.  And even though it was bittersweet to say good bye to Milan for the time being, it's looking pretty bright over here in Boloney.

(images via Deirdre Quinn)


Unknown said...

ciao bella!congrats to you and A for the bebe and the moving.
Bologna is nice and the food there...OMG.
Keep us posted.

ps. baby boy or baby girl?

didi said...

ciao alice, grazie, we're super excited about both bebe and our new city!
We'll find out when bebe arrives whether it's a boy or girl : )

hope all is well in Milano.

Meredith Sledge said...

These pictures are AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. Loveeeeee. Your blog is the coolest.