Friday, May 11, 2012


It's been busy lately, hence the lack of posts. Between unpacking, setting up our new home in Bologna, working on a project for an upcoming event and not to mention, the tired little feets of a 6 months pregnant lady, having a quiet moment is rare these days. But lucky me, I was able to steal a little moment very early this morning, as the sun beamed through our windows stirring me out of a very restful sleep, where I laid quiet, watching the sun wake up my little begonia plant that rests on my nightstand next to me. I'm slowly getting to know the patterns of sunlight in a our new home and have figured out, that the best light occurs in the early morning. It's quiet, simple moments like this that fill me with such delight. Happy Friday everyone!

(images via Deirdre Quinn)


Mims said...

Fabulous setting, colors and textures!


Mr Paul said...

Love this image of the sun filtering through the Begonia leaf.