Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bologna Flower Show

(Bologna) This past weekend, A. and I ventured over to Giardini Margherita (in Italy, some of the parks are called, gardens but not to mislead you, these are not botanical gardens, just your pretty average green parks) to check out the Bologna Flower show. We live about a 4 minute walk from the park, which I have to say, just adds to the list of "positives" on how much we love our new neighborhood.  I may be a city lady but I'm a nature creature by heart and need green near by, so being close to trees and grass is major bonus in my book. We also got a taste of what summer will feel like here, a scorching 88 degrees! The hot sun beating down, had us running for the shade as we made our way through the park and around to all the flower vendors. There was much to see but with our new home unlike our home in Milan, we have no garden to plant in,  so it was a look but no buying sort of morning. Although, now, I wish I had bought some those air plants I saw. Darn. 

After our walk around, we stopped to have a little snack of fresh fava beans (yum), salami and cheese (none for preggers me) and bread (that I can have) under an exotic white tent with gold stars. The set up around the tent, was super sweet, as there was even a section under a tree, where small horticulture workshops/talks were being held. But my favorite was stumbling upon a hidden pond in a secluded area nearby, where the lily pads floated lazily in the sun. I was into that and could have sat there daydreaming for hours but my preggers feet got the best of me, all swollen and sore, forcing me to head home to cool off.

(images via Deirdre Quinn)

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