Sunday, April 15, 2012

a dinner party

(Milan) There's always a good reason to have a dinner party and last night A. and I had a few reasons to whip up an intimate feast for few good friends: 1)  our dear friend and artist, Amy, was in town for a visit, who also happened to be celebrating her birthday, Yay!  2) we move in a week and it was the last dinner we would host in our apartment in Milan with this special bunch (or until we move back in two years time, hopefully3) it's been dreary, cold and raining all week, so what better way to lift spirits then with a warm, delish, meal.


fiore di zucca fritti

 potato leek soup

herb crusted filet mignon with a side of roasted parmigiano potatoes

a birthday cake: pear and chocolate chip cake with fiore di latte gelato

and of course, the vino, was ever flowing through out the evening.......and there was some good vino on the table...Amarone and Barolo...
(fun for preggers me with my sparkling water)

I'm not going lie, I'm going to miss this A LOT. I'm trying not to think about the move too much. But hopefully soon, we'll have our nest set up in Bologna, so we can start hosting our little dinner parties again and coax our friends in Milan to come for visits....while at the same time, making new friends in Bologna to entertain.

(images via Deirdre Quinn)

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