Thursday, December 8, 2011

farmers market flower arrangement

My eyes did a double take this morning at the farmers market when I saw my favorite, oh-so-coveted, springtime peonies on display, I mean, I know it was odd warm 50 degree day today but spring time flowers? This is winter, no? But it was a delightful thing to stumble upon. So instead of picking up our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, I opted for peonies. I just couldn't resist and picked three stems for the arrangement I was making to bring to a dinner. Odd weather for the first week of December, even yesterday as I was in the garden weeding, I discovered not one but three rose buds that are just about to bloom. I have to say, the warm, sunny, spring like day and a little color among the dead leaves and bare branches was a magical treat. Maybe this weekend, when the weather goes back to grey and cold I will be in the mood to pick out the Christmas tree.

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tigerstolilies said...

haha! i love that that the xmas tree was put on the sideline for peonies!
really beautiful flowers. i think you did the right thing*