Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving in Milano

(Milan) Five years ago, Thanksgiving day, I set out on a voyage, like a little American pilgrim, I left my home in NYC for a new life with my A. in Milan, Italy.  I settled into my new home with new family and friends, who, with open arms took me in and for this, I am so grateful. Every year, I cook up a huge traditional Thanksgiving feast to share and celebrate the holiday but this year we opted for a quiet one (far too many things in our daily schedule at the moment to host a grand feast and holiday weekend) so no big bash but instead a smaller more intimate one with A., and two other friends, who also happen to be another American\Italian couple. And delightful dinner it was.....
The menu for the evening centered around our 13 pound bird, which was the smallest one I could order at my farmers market, served along with pumpkin soup, mashed potatoes, homemade traditional stuffing, baked leeks in bĂ©chamel sauce and of course gravy. For desert,  mini individual apple pies topped with fresh cream and some marrone glacĂ© (a delish candied chestnut delight) that A. so sweetly picked up at my most favorite, Pasticceria Marchesi washed down with some Amaro Braulio for our after dinner drinks or as Italians say, digestifs, a bitter herb liquor that is thought to help with digestion.
For the table, I pulled out our finest, which usually only sees the day of light once or twice a year. Picked up an odd little bouquet of some beautiful various pod-like flowers that I can not for the life of me figure out what they are? Anyone recognize the flowers, please share, as I would love to know.........I also added a little bit of goldenrod, a single stem of white phlox, mirto leaves and fresh eucalyptus for accents. So pretty and still on my dining room table.

(images via Deirdre Quinn)

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tigerstolilies said...

so sweet and a heartfelt post. thanks for sharing. it seems like the spirit of Thanksgiving was shining just as brightly all the way across the Atlcantic ;)