Saturday, November 12, 2011

going to the market

 (Milan) Friday morning, I walked over to the farmers market located on Via Pagano, in Piazza Largo Quinto Alpini. My AH-mazing mother in law, Ebe, who knows the ins and outs of this market, showed me which stands are the best to buy from: the vegetable peeps, the fish guy and how to find the best cashmere sweaters, yes, you read that correctly, c-a-s-h-m-e-r-e. This market has some serious lux cashmere sweaters that are worth the buy. Only in Italy, could one get away with purchasing their fresh veggies & fruits along with some ridic soft cashmere. Did I mention I love Italy? When it comes to food and fashion my brain goes to mush and I can completely forget about all the little things that can frustrate me while living on a foreign soil. I walked away with not one but two cowl neck cashmere sweaters, oh and some delish oranges, which later, I made into freshly squeezed orange juice. My vitamin C for the day.

(photography: deirdre quinn)

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hope in high heels said...

I cannot go past cashmere without buying some, particularly as I'm getting ready for my first NYC winter. And at least you remembered to actually do the fruit and veg shopping... I'd have forgotten!