Monday, November 7, 2011

Eat, Drink, Dance and be happy

(Milan) This past Saturday night brought on an eve of fun with friends, feasting on Chinese food at the elegant, Shangri-la.  A Chinese-Thai restaurant, located in zona Stazione Centrale, with a pretty, colorful atmosphere and a labyrinth of rooms, great for large groups and special occasions. With their extensive menu, there's plenty of yummy items to choose from, as the pages seem to go on forever. My rec and fav delish was hands down the shrimp shumai. Yum! I could have had at least 3 orders.... or maybe more. I believe A.'s fav part was spinning lazy susan in the center of table which allows you to share your plates with the rest of the peeps. Give a dj something to spin and he will spin all night long. Poor little hot sauce was spun around more for fun rather than spicing up the food. That's my A.

After dinner, we headed around the corner to Zoom bar, small, mellow club\bar (def. not a fashionista scene, thank gosh) and one of our regular hangouts, where the Turpe Party happens every Saturday night with a revolving group of some of the best dj's in Milano: Dj Per Signora & Club Silencio, two dj groups made up of DJ Cas$hMere, DJ MAX RELAX VILLANI, DJ SEBY, GIANDISCO, DJ DANI, LE GOF, DJ FAUST, DJ PAOLONE and DJ BODZILLA AKA DJ FAT JESUS AKA DJ GORGO play disco, house, techno and everything n between.

(I'm not just saying that cause one dj is my hubs and the others are good friends, these guys are really ridic good, trust me)

[photography: deirdre quinn]

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