Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday Lunch

Sunday in Milan usually revolves around food. Surprised? I didn't think so, since basically everything thing here in Italy revolves around the fine cuisine.  Lunchtime on Sunday is typically reserved for a long traditional family lunch. Whether it's at home or out in a restaurant, you can be sure to find people gathering around a table of some kind to share a meal. Yesterday, ours ran from 1:30-4:30pm and I needed a siesta after it. Perfect day if ya ask me. I heart Italy. Just saying.

  Sometimes, A. and I enjoy our Sunday lunch over at the home of my fabulous, genius of a cook, mother-in-law, Ebe. It's always a treat to be invited to her beautiful home, which is not far from ours (Italians like to stick close, plant roots and others will follow kind of thing. I love it) Her house is hidden behind two giant wooden doors that open up to a breathtaking courtyard where a statue of Poseidon greets you just before you enter into one of Milan's best kept secrets, Ebe's kitchen. There you are guaranteed to eat like royalty. srsly. Her kitchen is the best non-restaurant in Milan, just ask around to other family members and a few of our fortunate friends that have had the pleasure to dine at Casa di Ebe.

It's, well,....divine.......

Just look at the menu from yesterday


Fresh porcini mushrooms with calamari, cooked with olive oil,  parsley and garlic

Fresh halibut cooked in white wine, olive oil, ginger and Ebe's secret spices from Turkey

Arugula and valeriana salad with a pinch of salt & olive oil

fresh figs

and of course made with love, otherwise it wouldn't taste so delish!

(note: valeriana is a green that is known as m√Ęche or lambs lettuce in the America

(photography deirdre quinn)


KBW said...

I dream about casa di ebe. need to make a reservation soon.

houseofvioletta said...

@KBW, make one asap and bring billy.