Monday, August 29, 2011

River Swim Social

Spent a lazy Sunday with A. and friends on the Sesia River about 20 minutes outside of Milano on the way to Torino. From the autostrada (that's highway for American folk) you could see the snow capped alps. Love how close Milano is to so many beautiful things. sigh. It was one of those, picture perfect, crisp but warm late summer days. The water was super clear, clean and refreshing.  We had picnic of pasta salad with tuna, capers, mint and olive oil (note to self must get recipe from Giacomo, cause it was delish),  curry chicken salad, prosciutto, fruit and crackers. And the genius men we were with (a.k.a our hubby's) made sure our water, prosecco and beer stayed extra chilled by resting the beverages in the river.  Pretty perfect afternoon if you ask me. This was our second time at this magical spot. We were all here this time last year but this year, our friends, Giacomo and Paola, had a new addition, 10 month old little Rosita.  It was fun playing and inventing games with the river stones trying to entertain her. Pure magic.
(photography by deirdre quinn)

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