Thursday, August 25, 2011

Apartment Project NYC

Since A. and I live in Italy, we've always had a goal to have a more permanent home back in the states. So finally, we found ourselves at the right point to begin our search. So for the past year, we've been hunting for a little nest back home in NYC.  I've been through NYC apt. hunting before but never to purchase. Boy was it crazy! I remember the days of apartment hunting when I rented, it felt like a marathon then but this process was more like a triathlon! Srsly. But I have to admit, it was fun to see various Manhattan and Brooklyn apartments, of all shapes and sizes. A few gems, some good, others eh, and great portion of no way jose.  But lucky us, we found our diamond in the rough. Finally,  after months and months of a looooooog drawn out co-op process, (really ridic and I would not do it again, they literally own you during the application process, it doesn't even compare to college application or a job interview, it's just plain weird and archaic) we've closed on our little studio apartment.  But my big design question for you all is, how does one create a modern, cozy, light and airy apartment with 550 square feet? This little gem of place makes me think one must use white, white, white. And lucky for us the apartment is situated on the top floor and faces west, so there is wonderful light, even if it's only coming from the bedroom and kitchen windows. (see plan above)  I'm obsessed with white. clean. Pure white with accents of black and little splashes of color here and there.  Here are a few inspiration photos I've found to get us started

Can't wait to get started. I'm heading home to NYC this weekend to set up our little pied a terre.
Basically I need to create a blank canvas, starting with LOTS of white paint. I'm tempted to paint the floors white or stain them dark for contrast, as of right now they're a light honey wood.....
hmmmmm.......So if ya wanna see how the apartment evolves over time, follow me as I write and post images of: Apartment Project NYC 


Blakey said...

love it! where in NYC is it? have you thought of using oil-based paint? since white makes dirt so visible, you can just wipe clean an oil-based wall... also, i once used a pearlescent white, it was magical. with sunlight on it at the right angle, you could find tiny rainbows here and there. good luck! cant wait to see the progress ;)

didi said...

thanks Blakey, I will look into the pearlescent. sounds magical. The little gem is in gramercy park, sort of smack in the middle of everything.